Our Labs

Smart Classes


A smart classroom is where the concept of blended learning is blooming. The smart classroom is technologically enhanced that enables teaching and learning opportunities like never before.Learning is fun when subjects are interesting, and smart classes are doing exactly that by making the student’s most boring subject palatable.

A smart classroom is a ramped-up mode of education which, instead of taking away from education or the attention span of students, adds opportunities to the existing traditional classroom setup. The opportunity to provide students with quality education by helping them understand concepts better, improve their reading and comprehension skills, and achieve academic excellence.

Science Laboratory

Cambridge international School Mandi  provides a first-hand experience in all practical subjects.Science lab in the school are well equipped with latest apparatus, techniques and instruments.

The school has a well equipped and well designed  Laboratory that caters to the needs of  students. It helps them to build a scientific frame of mind and provides opportunity for hands on activity for the young scientists.


Cambridge International School Mandi has fully networked and equipped with latest computers. The school has fully equipped state of the art computer labs for its students. Drill and practice, individual and peer project-work, assessments are few of the practices followed here. 


ICT LAB play vital role in teaching and learning process for students and teachers respectively. It gives exposure to the students to learn the subject / lab using the Internet / Self learning practice tools.

Art and Crafts



Cambridge International School  boast of well-equipped Art and Craft rooms. Children enjoy hobby classes of soft toys and doll making, knitting, needle work, weaving, applique work, bead work, book binding, candle making, pottery, sculpture with wood and clay, various kinds of painting, embroidery, fashion designing, theater, recycling of paper, cooking, baking, etc. “Art is an international language understood by all”.


Art Room is a divine place, where you can imagine shades of all dreams in abundance, where you can express your feelings with the help of representational colors. The walls of this functional room display the glowing dreams shining in the eyes of our children and give them an opportunity to represent their creativity and novelty, which makes the on lookers spellbound. Our art room is also fully equipped with colors, brushes, easel stands and all required materials

Music and Dance


Indian classical & folk dance, western music and dance, instrumental music and singing are offered to students to develop their skills and musical appreciation. Each child takes part in at least one activity at the annual cultural event to develop stage confidence. In an effort to make our students ‘complete Artists’ with discipline and dedication, we have well-equipped three separate rooms for Dance, Music Vocal and music Instrumental.

Music and Dance

 The development of mind and body go hand-in-hand. In short, physical education plays a vital role in creating well-rounded, confident individuals. Sports are an integral part of our education system.
To make them good at their respective sport, every Cambridge International School has expert coaches and trainers, who impart invaluable tips to children to hone their skills. All our schools have a huge sports ground, an athletic track, tennis courts, basketball and badminton courts that reflect our seriousness towards sports. We have world class facilities for hockey, cricket, football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, throw ball, and basketball.

Play Room

Play is fundamental to every kind of learning and it even physically shapes the brain. That’s why we have made free play a part of our primary curriculum. Free play, unstructured play happens when our children don’t follow any rules. They build forts, pretend to be a superhero or do finger painting. Our children are enthusiastic and are always looking forward for ‘Free Play’ as this is the time when they express themselves in their own accord and we get to know them in a better way.