Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’. The school library promotes reading and inculcates the discipline of self study amongst students. The collection of books and CD’s in the school library range from short stories , poems, adventure stories, General knowledge, General Science, History, Geography, Mathematics, Games and Sports, Language, Art & Craft, Encyclopaedias etc. The students of the school are encouraged to develop the habit of reading. They are given opportunities to explore, share and complete projects planned in their curriculum.


Students are requested to follow the below-mentioned points to keep the library intact:

  • Books should be handled with clean hands.
  • Books should be placed appropriately after reading.
  • Books should be kept away from water.
  • Books should not be thrown.
  • Bookmarks should be used to “save” where you stop reading.
  • Corner of pages should not be folded.
  • Scribbling in the books should not be done.
  • Books should be returned on time.
  • Books, when damaged, should be reported to the library staff and the students should not repair it on their own.