Cambridge International School Mandi  middle Wing has VI to VIII classes. Students in the Middle School study core courses and electives that build on the skills learned in primary school and that enable them to succeed in high school. The middle school faculty also recognizes that students are undergoing rapid changes in their social, academic, emotional, and physical development. Therefore, a supportive environment where students learn to take leadership roles is cultivated. Special parent teacher meetings are held throughout the year where parents, students and staff discuss issues relevant to this age group. The core academic program includes instruction in four major areas such as reading and language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The reading and language arts curriculum provides a variety of writing opportunities ranging from journals, narratives and short stories to formal research papers. Written and oral work sharpens the students’ vocabulary, spelling, listening and speaking skills.

The Mathematics curriculum helps students become problem solves and builds a foundation for more advance math courses. The field and laboratory based Science curriculum focuses on physical and environmental issues and their inter-relationships. Students become actively involved in the scientific process as they investigate the world around them. In Social Studies, middle school students study history, government and world geography, which includes a study of the people and culture of Indian ancient civilization. Formal computer instruction in fully-equipped computer labs is an important part of the middle school compulsory curriculum along with music, art, dance and technology. Students also take physical education which includes instruction in wide variety of sports.