The Cambridge International School Lunapani Mandi has continued to build and extend its commitment to enhancing its facilities and towards the all-round development of its students. Ample opportunities are made available to students to engage in academic and other activities. Our goal has been to maximize the use of space in an environmentally responsible and sustainable fashion.


Cambridge International school mandi located near four lanes present in Nerchowk, Balh, Mandi. The school is just 200 meter away from National highway. Cambridge International school mandi is a day school with international facilities. Cambridge International school mandi sprawls over 4050.00 Square Mts. acres of land. Total ground floor area is 1283 Square Mts. And First floor area is 1283 Square Mts. The architectural design of the school has been drafted with great forethought and imagination to cater to the ever-growing, challenging modern teaching and learning needs.


School has a capacity of approximately more than 1500 students. When you arrive at the front yard of this school, you will be greeted by a security. The security post is located close to the front gate.

The school is arranged in a square shape. In the front there is a wide open area with a flag pole. The area is used for flag raising ceremony and also for sports activity as well as other outdoor activities.


The principal’s office is located not far from the entrance gate alongside the front office, Chairman Office and accounts. There are 18 classrooms in this school. There are 16 toilets around the school for the students and 2 toilets for the teachers and 1 is the visitor toilet in Admin section.


The school furthermore has a massive parking lot. For the school buses, Staff and parents. Garbage bins are placed around each corners and each floor of the school to ensure that the students are keeping up the clean environment at school. Fast, wireless access throughout the school.